It’s been 25 years of seeing God’s faithfulness, day in, day out! I have never seen God forsake me. I have been through quite a lot and honestly, many times I felt like giving up and didn’t have much reason to keep living.

At some point, I asked God…”Why am I on earth in the first place?, Do you really have a plan for my life? Do I reaaaaally have to go through all these things to maybe prove a point and make me better as you say in your word?” Does it really have to be this way?” … and a dozen more questions that I never ceased to question God.

However, through all these questions, I’ve gotten insight day after day. For me, every day is always a learning opportunity. It’s amazing how sometimes you look back and wonder how you went through or conquered once a dark tunnel. It’s also amazing how tunnels have taught me the real meaning of hope, and trust in God when you absolutely have no reason to!

Dark tunnels have taught me to hold on to hope against all odds.

I thank God for giving me a new year, and I’ve got a million reasons to thank Him. Firstly, I’d like to have a quick throwback and make you understand why I thank God today, as well as share what I have learnt. I’d also want to acknowledge that it is through all the ups and downs, that I have grown tremendously.

So, I’ve been sickly almost my entire life, you know those kinda guys who are always on medication? That was me😭.

I remember having ulcers since I was in lower primary, had never-ending visits to the doctor and injections😞. Oh, poor baby. It was later found out, 13 years later, that I had Terminal Ileal Ulcer (big name, huh?)

Next was rheumatoid arthritis while in university, all my limbs, and joints were numb, I could not move (Read story here). I literally cried to God that day asking him to just cut off my legs and hands, and just leave my body {I thank God he never answered that prayer😄😄 }. I remember getting some 6 injections at a go, the nurses even started looking for where to inject next😂, oh nooo! (Sorry, I just had to laugh, clears my anxiety). I had so many drugs, my room looked like a chemist quite literally.

One year later (2014), my legs started swelling and the doctors thought maybe it was a sprain. Little did we know that it was a clot. Pressure socks, blood thinners and sandals were my companions for over 2 years 😕. Cost me several admissions and a trip to India. Words of faith and unending prayers by my family and friends kept me going through this season. Honestly, I did not have the strength to even pray. There is a point where someone succumbed and had my exact condition and I wasted away in despair (I thank God for everyone who stood with me. Always remember to stand in prayer with anyone who asks you to and even for those who do not say it. I remember crying out to God during the new year just before my journey to India. As others were burning the midnight oil to cross over the year, I was battling God amid painful tears on why God could let this happen to me.

Fast forward to 2019, I was diagnosed with anemia (I’ve always referred it to low blood count to make it not feel so serious😁). Spinach and liver were my buddies for an year, but I thank God all that is behind me.

Am I complaining of any of the above? No! Am I thankful? Yes, definitely! Had I not gone through all this, I don’t think I’d be as strong as I am today, and I don’t think this blog would exist.

God has proved to me that YES! ALL THINGS work together for good, for those who are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28).

Do I still question God’s purpose for my life? Not as much, because purpose is not an event, it’s lifelong.

What else am I grateful for? Everything in my life. Friends, family, health, work, name it.

Greatest Lesson in my life so far:

Trust in God, against all odds.

I’ve got a million reasons to praise the Lord today and forever more.

I believe that I have been pressed for a purpose, and I am definitely loving the pearl that I am becoming everyday!


  1. Whenever I read your story I think of Joseph story in the Bible, went through Pit, Potiphar’s hands, Prison but who new, what Romans 8:28 says, he later was the Prime minister. The more you got pressed, just know the purpose and the calling is higher.
    You are destined for greatness. Just a matter of process and time..

  2. Woooow Kui!! May our Lord God continue blessing you more and more! You are indeed blessed and beautiful pearl on this earth born for greatness!

  3. Amen,I really thank God for His immeasurable care He has shown you may you live to see many more miracles in your life

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